Social media marketing

Social Media Marketing in China

China has 1.3 billion people; more than 650 million are active social media users. The pervasiveness of the Internet based social networking services has enabled this large and dispersed population to get closer, constructing a giant and valuable social network for commercials. The following chart illustrate the major social network services in China and their equivalent objects in the West.

Our previous empirical research and business experiences have revealed that the Chinese market is extremely attractive to SMEs in Europe. However, due to the financial constraints and limited knowledge about the local market, SMEs are not able to enter this merging market. As a matter of fact, along with the development and the lowered costs of international logistic services, it is far more convenient for companies to do international trading business nowadays. The fundamental question is how to reach your target customers with a low and step-wise marketing budget. Social media marketing and M-commerce have become smart and promising answers in the recent years. We can help you benefit from this amazing marketing.