Baidu SEO and SEA

Since 2012, we have received an increased request from our clients for SEO and SEM on Baidu ( Baidu is the leading Chinese search engine, widely adopted by Internet users in China. Its superior robustness of search in simplified Chinese made it popular in China, particularly, in Mainland China. Due to the increased business opportunities in Mainland China, more and more Western companies are prompting them via this Chinese search engine. Up till now, we have provided SEO and SEM services on Baidu to a variety of the organizations and companies in Europe, including governmental bureaus, media, restaurants and consultancy companies.

We offer our clients with a complete and comprehensive solution to do marketing on Baidu, including:

  • Target market analysis
  • Website design
  • Content preparation
  • Domain registration
  • Server
  • SEO and SEA
  • Follow-up analysis and consultancy

The following chart allows our clients to quickly assess whether or not they are ready for SEO and SEA on Baidu.