About us

About Us

YdTech is a research based marketing consultancy firm. We provide Western companies with solutions to enter Chinese market and do business in China via digital and social media marketing. Our services include marketing on main social networking media, M-commerce, E-commerce, O2O business strategy, and SEO/SEA on Baidu. Our current clients are mainly universities, government bureaus, marketing agencies, IT companies, and pharmaceutical companies, which are located in the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, and Australia.

YdTech was founded by Dr. ShengYun (Annie) Yang, who is specialized in information management and business in China. She is known for her research on e-commerce. As early as a master student, she published her first academic paper about the comparison of e-commerce in China and the West. Later, her work was published on Financial Times and became a popular teaching case adopted by top business schools in the world, such as China Europe International Business School (CEIBS). To apply her promising research findings and demonstrate her research contribution to the business practices, she established YdTech together with her partner. She is in charge of the projects about digital and social media marketing in China.

Our team embraces professional and experienced marketing, culture, and business language specialists in China. The close cooperation with our local partnering companies in Shanghai allows us to be adept in contemporary O2O business strategy, enhancing the performance of  our clients' e-commerce in China. The strong technical team from YdTech ensures the timely and comprehensive supports to campaign development and regular services on the digital platforms.